Introducing | Baby Strange

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Slowly but surely, punk-rock band Baby Strange have been making their faces known. From touring with Palma Violets to playing Reading festival, this all-male trio from Glasgow are taking things seriously.

Named like he was born to do it, frontman Johnny Madden is a leader in more ways than one. The vocalist often revs a teenage crowd into a moshing frenzy, while brothers Aidan and Connaire McCann command the bass and drums.

Since their debut single Pure Evil in 2012, they’ve been torturing their fans with slow releases, but still manage to keep a loyal following through pop up appearances. From making the Made In Chelsea soundtrack to playing for BBC Introducing, the group enjoy taking things at their own pace.

Their later releases show the band are improving as they grow. And any lessons learnt are self-taught as the boys write and record by themselves.

Artefact photojournalist Neelam Khan Vela was able to learn first-hand the methods of the group as she followed their performances around the UK. An unexpected friendship developed and Neelam captured Baby Strange in action in her photo essay Pure Evil.

Listen to Baby Strange’s single ‘Distance Yourself’


Featured photography by Neelam Khan Vela

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