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Save Brick Lane

Brick lane is home to the most vibrant culture and atmosphere, but it is threatened by plans for a mall.

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Film | Spencer

How Pablo Larraín’s Spencer has managed to capture the allure and humanity of Diana, Princess of Wales.

MA Journalism edition

2011: ‘The King’s Speech’ heralds a change in attitudes towards those with speech impediments

The film is a true biopic and sensitive portrayal of Queen Elizabeth II’s father and the vocal hurdles he faced, in particular, around public speaking, and his turbulent relationship with Logue. The question I pose, did it change societal attitudes in the long term and was it the catalyst for change?

The sensitive portrayal of Queen Elizabeth II’s father and his problems with public speaking, raised awareness of an overlooked disability

The Museum of Ice Cream: How 2017 changed the (art) world.

The idea of the ‘Instagrammable’ location has started to pervade every aspect of life for teenagers and twenty-something girls. The ‘Instagrammable’ space has leaked into the art world, as well, and following the astronomical success of the trailblazing Museum of Ice Cream, it’s an understandable shift.

Harambe: throughout the years

From tattoos to indie tunes, the furry friend transcends time

At this point, 2016 feels like a hallucination. Rainbow coloured foods soared through Instagram feeds, people were posing like mannequins as Rae Sremmurd’s “Black Beatles”