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From support worker to yoga teacher

Mental health has impacted many during the lockdown. Marie, a support worker, used yoga to stay mentally fit and how she became a teacher to help others.

Renaming me is a micro-aggression

Influencer Yewande Biala revealed how her Love Island co-star Lucie Donlan refused to use her full name as she found it too difficult during their time on the show.

The unknown dangers of Sharenting

As our use of social media continues to grow, is the oversharing of children online and on social media not as innocent and harmless as you might think?


Fast fashion phonies?

Fast fashion brands are being accused of taking independent designers’ ideas, but are now being called out on social media.

Algeria: A hidden treasure

Algeria is now fast becoming a hotspot for British holidaymakers to visit. The diverse culture and traditions are something for people to discover and enjoy to the fullest. 


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Eating out | Nanashi

There is no shortage of restaurants, cafes, or food experiences in London. So let us suggest Nanashi in Shoreditch for your weekend dining.

A+ Cities: Special edition

Dramatic failures

Restrictive audition processes at some of the UK’s top drama schools highlight elitism in British acting

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