Alexandra Wang’s new collection for H&M is a well-needed kick for me to get back to the gym.

With quick-drying crop tops and breathable leggings, Wang has created a range ready for all things energetic, and true to form, he’s made most of the collection black; something I’ll never complain about.

Among many teasers for the collection, the recent campaign video is my favourite. In a video game style, you’re dropped in the middle of a competition. It’s you versus your competitors, and you have your work cut out.

You begin in the Alexander Wang locker room, overhearing a dramatic countdown before the game begins.

Footballer Andy Carroll and model Joan Smalls are among your competitors, showing off both their physical capabilities and how best to wear the new collection.

The collection’s runway show was held in New York, at Armory on the Hudson.

The arena, which usually hosts sporting events, suitably staged Wang’s collection of active wear. All-in-black free runners opened the show, before big player models such as Karlie Kloss and Tyson Beckford powerfully stomped around the indoor track.

Geared with helmets and face masks, the models looked like they were ready for war.

Wang showed us that his collection was more street than we realised when the instrumental to Bobby Shmurda’s Hot N*gga was played. Which is hilarious. If you haven’t heard of the Schmurda craze, where have you been?! 

Like the creative director of H&M, Margareta van den Bosch said, the clothes were the “ultimate mix of fashion and sport”. There were so many pieces that I would love to own. It’s an easy to like, easy to wear collection.

I think the women’s crop tops will be the first thing to sell out. They’re suitable for the gym and have hidden branding that shows up when you sweat. The coats for men and women look both stylish and practical – which I guess sums up the collection.

Apart from the odd variation of white crocodile cut outs or silver reflective, pretty much everything is black and grey. I’m sure this’ll make the collection a success as everything is easy to style with and you don’t have to be too brave to wear them.

Also, black is safe, yet sophisticated. The ‘Wang’ branding is everywhere, so hopefully nobody overdoes it, and I would avoid the beanie hats – they look ridiculous.

Unfortunately, some of the fun accessories seen on the runway show will not be available for purchase. Apologies if you had your heart set on the AW printed hockey stick or the black basketball that Beckford was sporting.

You won’t however be disappointed with what you can get your hands on. The prices have been revealed and I think it’s safe to say our bank accounts will survive.

The collection launches on November 6, 2014 and will be available online and across 250 stores worldwide.


Photography by Randy Brooke/Getty Images for H&M