Fetish nights collar more of London’s youth

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The line of people at the bar are split in two and subsequently shoved apart. A huge pair of boobs fling forward, slapping one after the other on top of the metal surface, and here appears a man and woman… woman bent over the bar, man close behind her.

When I say ‘behind’ her I mean ‘inside’ her, and when I say ‘inside’ her I mean thrusting into her as hard as he can without his dick falling off.

This draws cheers from the spectating rubber clad crowd, all applauding and looking like ribbed condoms. One girl, no more than twenty – one lucky, lucky girl – is so close to the spectacle it may as well be a threesome.

This girl actually looks horrified. Her mouth is opened wide in horror, causing one of the onlooking condoms to split and spurt out a spray of verbal spunk: “You best close that mouth before someone sticks their cock inside it,” he says.

With that, busty Moses and her humping comrade disappear out of the bar. The parted sea of rubbers fuse together once again. The girl, whose innocence has just been shattered in a matter of seconds, has taken the wise old man’s words and closed her mouth.

As her mouth shuts, I believe every single other orifice on her body does too.

After this spectacle, I’m sure you’re all wondering the exact same thing as I did – why was that twenty year old girl there, and if she’s so horrified by the sight of people banging each other left right and centre, why would she think of going to a fetish night?

There’s a deep mystery behind the word ‘fetish’ and for those of you who haven’t yet explored your sexual boundaries, I’ll tell you a little bit about what it is.

Have you ever looked at an object and thought: “God, the look of that just really makes me want to go and strum one out.”


Well, a fetish is something, usually an object, body part or piece of clothing that turns you on. So if you have ever secretly wanted to lick your boy/girlfriend’s armpits, then you probably have a fetish.

Gabriella Binkowska, 31 from Essex, told me: “I go to these events because I like to show off what I’m into. My dominatrix personality is one that’s respected on the scene.”

[pullquote align=”right”]Fetish clubs have been around for years and are mainly based around the obvious – fetishes, but also BDSM (which is known by the experts as bondage, discipline, dominance, submission, sadism and masochism).[/pullquote]

But fetish clubs aren’t something you can just stumble across in the way that you can accidentally walk into the men’s toilet and find four men lined up in a row comparing penis sizes. You usually have to know what you’re looking for in order to find one.

So who’s looking? Well the fetish scene has a pretty hardcore following. Attendees are often dedicated. It’s no half-arsed effort and there’s a strict door code usually put into place at almost every event.

It’s pretty simple really, if you don’t look the part, you’re not coming in. People attending don’t take it lightly either – costumes can cost thousands of pounds and nothing is ever too over the top.

“I spend up to £750 on my costumes depending on the festival and this adds up to around £4000 by the end of the year. People need to understand – we live for this” explained Gabriella.

Clearly the club organisers and party-goers don’t just want anyone and everyone to be there. But with the world of fetish becoming more accepted in today’s society, there’s little doubt that most people will know or know of someone who has been to a fetish night.

Having worked at many different fetish nights over the past two years it’s become clear to me that the number of young people attending them has increased significantly.

“It’s frustrating when you go to these events and festivals and there are young attenders who are just watching. They often make minimal effort and take photographs without your permission. Maybe it’s because of curiosity? I don’t know, but it’s annoying. I understand that the young attenders may be new to the scene and may want to find out what it’s like, however, they need to respect us. We’ve been doing this for years.”

The young often find themselves standing around looking out of place and not taking part in any sexual activities at all. While most people go to get their willy wet or to wet someone’s willy, you can go to a fetish club or event and not take part in anything sexual.

[pullquote align=”right”]”They need to respect us. We’ve been doing this for years.”[/pullquote]A lot of people go to just observe, and while watching, these people are still heavily involved. But observing doesn’t mean standing in the background catching a glimpse of someones arse and having a giggle with your mates.

The problem is that recently it appears many young people are just jumping on to the fetish scene because they think it’s cool. I’m not saying you’re going to find a bunch of boys with ice gem hair cuts shuffling around a man getting spanked with a wooden paddle. What I’m saying is that a lot of the younger people who do decide to go, don’t exactly fit in with the rest of the atmosphere and can often change it.

Through personal observation it’s obvious to see that most don’t put a lot of effort into their outfits. They’re often quite ‘grossed out’ by what they see and don’t do a good job of hiding it. But worst of all, a lot of the young people who decide to go can get very rude.

Personally, if I were a man being gagged and my balls were being tickled, the last thing I would want is a twenty year old girl pointing at me and saying to her friend ‘Errrrrr Sarah, look at that man’s sack! It looks like a mouldy jacket potato.’

One of the biggest rules that every frequent fetish-goer will tell you about is that you must have the utmost respect for fellow players. There are strict rules set in place so that if someone is making you feel uncomfortable, there’s a high chance they’ll get thrown out.

After hearing I was writing about the scene, a young figure within the fetish community wanted to give me his view on the subject and share a few personal experiences.

“The events are fucking horny. Even though I’m young I’m quite experienced in the fetish scene. As you get used to one thing you try another, and usually the next thing you try is more extreme than the last. I think a lot of what attracts young people is curiosity, whereas you get young people like me attending who are genuinely interested. A lot of young people tend to go just to watch rather than to participate.”

He asked to be kept anonymous, and from what he told me next I can understand exactly why:

“When I was at something the Germans call ‘Pig Party’, I was being fucked by about four guys and the roof above me was a cage. There were about ten to twenty guys in there, pissing on me while I was being fucked. I was just being showered in piss.”

Being ‘showered in piss’ isn’t what I’d exactly choose to do on a Saturday night, and I’m not suggesting that if you attend a fetish event you need to start doing that either. But if you’re going to attend a fetish event, whether out of curiosity or to be part of the scene, then respect your elders!

You might find them uncool in other scenarios, but when it comes to sex, they’ll always be superior. Don’t be surprised if your mum has been leading your dad round on a lead wearing spandex pants at the weekend.

Remember, people have been attending these events for years, so don’t be that guy who comes along and ruins the scene for everyone else. Do be curious, do be interested. Don’t be a dick.

And one last thing, if you really are going to go, don’t take any pictures. It’s strictly forbidden. So don’t go thinking there’s any point in slipping in a ‘selfie stick’. The only thing it’ll be slipping into is someone’s vagina.

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First person

He had thick black leather paw-shaped gloves around his hands, forcing them into the begging position. A black dog nose was strapped to his face, and a rubber black tail that was used for more than just wagging (for those of you who lack imagination – he shoved it in a girl’s vagina) graced his other end. And don’t forget the ears.

He sat there kneeling up, arms begging, forcing his arse to stick out. His tongue was flopping around outside his mouth, and his cock was flopping around in a similar fashion. Every time the man started to pant and beg, his cock threw itself around, bouncing around like a fucking slinky.

Enter female poodle. Wearing fluffy paws, a long curly white wig and a fluffy tail, she crawls into the dog pen with a loud woof instating her dominance.

[pullquote align=”right”]The man drew back and thrust forward – jamming his long fake doggy nose inside her butthole.[/pullquote]He could clearly see that this specimen would be the perfect mate. He proceeded to crawl his way towards her, cock still swishing between his legs. Nearing her, he lowered his fake doggy nose and set his eyes upon her bare arse.

He wouldn’t. He couldn’t. He did.

The man drew back and thrust forward – jamming his long fake doggy nose inside her butthole. She squealed with delight and encouraged this arse sniffing, wriggling around like a little puppy.

After all of this, what happened next was the thing that really shocked me. A man whipped the poor dog-man (I use the word poor as I had begun to love him like my own pet). He whipped him, and he whipped him harder and harder.

This was no gentle back tickle. No. He smacked that poor man as if he had just done a shit on his drive. His butt-sniffing comrade hung her head and whimpered miserably.

I honestly couldn’t take my eyes off it. When I finally processed the fact that I was staring at a man dressed as a dog waving his willy around and being whipped on the back for sniffing the arse of a woman dressed as a poodle, who was in turn whimpering because her arse was no longer being sniffed, which both people found to be truly pleasurable – I moved. To get a better view, obviously.


Photo by Austin Appel via Flickr

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