Chris Nolan’s Interstellar finally unveiled

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interstellar-christopher-nolan-posterChristopher Nolan’s much-anticipated new film Interstellar is making waves on the Hollywood sceneAlthough details of the movie have been kept under wraps, the story is set in the future when Earth is on the brink of environmental collapse.

Cooper (Matthew McConaughey), a widowed engineer, embarks on a voyage through a wormhole in search of other planets for humans to populate.

In an interview with Blacktree TV, Nolan explains how the origins of Interstellar‘s story came about:

“My brother was working on the script years ago with our executive producer, Kip Thorne, who’s an astrophysicist who wanted to do a project based on real science. I kept my eye on the project over the years and when it became available, I kind of dove in and rewrote it myself and really got in there with Kip to try and find some exciting narrative turns that would hinge on real science.”

Nolan touches on the problem of spoilers, and feels like the movie is best enjoyed when the audience knows less: “This film, more than any I’ve made… I feel like the less people know when they go see it, the more they’ll enjoy it.”

Warner Bros. have undertaken serious efforts to keep details of the movie a big secret, with the production being referred to using the codename “Flora’s Letter” on set, a reference to one of Nolan’s children.

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