Kama Sutra – the sutras of the love God Kama – has been around for circa 9000 years as a part of Hindu religion. In many temples all around India you’ll find frescos and paintings depicting erotic scenes in the most acrobatic positions.

Kama means desire, lust, affection, love and sensual pleasure and is one of the four Purusārthas (goals of life). The sexual experience is one purusārtha to connect with divinity and find strength and renewal.

When announcing our interview with tantric masseuse Angelina Croft, we were met with many reactions. The two most common ones were either that of sexual curiosity and exoticism, or that of complete repulsion and condemning. It was often compared to prostitution – being a ‘hand job’ for money.

In many cases this can certainly be reality, but not always. The biggest issue with a trade such as Angelina’s isn’t the job at hand, but other people’s pre-conceptions and judgments. Finding a partner can be a challenge as men are attracted to her for her sexual knowledge, but in the next breath will judge for the same occupation.

Having a daughter can be troublesome as classmates may one day find her online – how will peers treat her vulnerable teenager?

We met with Angelina Croft, not to deliver a film with a value judgment, but to explore her trade and herself, through her own words.


Co-produced by Astrid Madberg

Filmed by Thomas Wright; Edited by Jack Kennerley