Narrow escape for northern nightclubs

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It seems there’s a common trend in which artistic spaces are being sacrificed to make room for moneymaking schemes like housing developments and new shops.

But The Kazimier and Nation, two popular nightclubs at the heart of the Liverpool creative scene, have been given a reprieve after being threatened with closure at the end of November.

Nation is the home of the city’s beloved Cream, which began in October 1992. Cream has since been launched as the most commercially-successful club night in Ibiza; people flock from across the globe to stomp until sunrise in Amnesia. To tear down Nation would be to pull up the roots of this long-standing club night.

[pullquote align=”right”]“It’d be sad to see an independent venue that has so much character and culture shut down, just for profit and housing…”[/pullquote]The clubs were under threat from a planning proposal to renovate part of Wolstenholme Square (where they’re situated) to build housing, shops and leisure facilities.

While there is need for housing in the city centre, it has been agreed, at least for now, that the clubs will not have to be torn down. While the clubs are by no means safe, this does mean that they’ll be able to continue operating.

Karis Griffith, a worker at The Kazimier said: “It’d be sad to see an independent venue that has so much character and culture shut down, just for profit and housing, but it wouldn’t be the end of the Kazimier, it’s an exciting new beginning.”

Objectors at a council meeting at Liverpool Town Hall – which was called to discuss the proposals on November 18 – did admit that there was need for housing development in the area. But they insisted there was not an immediate need to tear down the clubs in order to proceed.

London’s Ministry of Sound narrowly avoided the same fate earlier this year. It was threatened with closure following a new plan for housing development in Elephant and Castle.


Photography by Sebastian Brueckner

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