Techno, House and Hip-Hop are on the agenda for this week’s Singled Out selections.

Throwing Snow – Avarice VIP

Ross Tones, aka Throwing Snow, continues to show why he’s at the top of the pile in UK electronic music with forthcoming single Avarice. Drawing on the original’s brooding palette, Tones re-homes its drone stabs and haunting strings among bubbling acid lines, hi-hat rushes and snappy drum work. It’s a weighty, neoclassical sound, but one with a pulse firmly in the club.

Released December 1, via Houndstooth

Rone – Ouija

I’m seriously psyched for the new Rone LP Creatures – and even more psyched to see he’s unveiled Ouija on his Soundcloud ahead of the LP’s February release date. Rone is always a full-bodied sonic experience, and if this track is anything to go by then expect great things for the album.

Released February 9, via Infiné

Dizzee Rascal – Pagans

If you saw Dizzee’s graphic and pretty fucked up music video for his Halloween release Couple of Stacks then you’d know he’s upped his game. New song Pagans follows suit. Watch the video to see Dizzee kill a bunch of ninjas.

Release date TBA

Doc Daneeka – Together 

For the Welsh-born, Berlin resident’s latest release, Daneeka has used a mix of bongos, horns and soulful vocal samples to create this disco-filtered track. Featured on his new EP From Mine to Mistress, the Ten Thousand Yen record label owner’s latest masterpiece sounds like a blast from the past with its warming ’90s house feel.

Released November 11, via Ten Thousand Yen

Option4 – You’re Ill

One of Denver’s finest deep house exports, Option4 shows his versatility with new track You’re Ill. Shuffling between his colourful repertoire, the tech rudiments in his latest production are what you should expect to see in his upcoming sets. Free download to boot.

Release date TBA


Words by Ed Oliver, Olivia Broome, Louise Bonner, Arran O’Donnell and Fraser Thorne

Featured image by Rashid Akrim 2010