Seen on Campus | What makes you feel free and why?

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[two_first]Chimdi, 19, Plymouth

Sports Journalism

seen on campus

‘Basketball, because it lets me express my athletic ability.'[/two_first][two_second]Kat, 21, Birmingham


seen on campus

‘Nothing makes me feel free ’cause I do what I want anyway.'[/two_second][divider type=”thin”]

[two_first]Liberty, 22, Newcastle

Fine Art


‘My course because it’s an arts school and the setting I’m in is liberating.'[/two_first][two_second]Ruby, 25, Devon

Fine Art


‘Ballet dancing which I’ve been doing for 22 years.'[/two_second][divider type=”thin”]

[two_first]Charlie, 19, London

Interior and Spatial Design


‘Rugby, football and an occasional golf game.'[/two_first][two_second]Bryan, 20, Macau



‘My clothes and being in London means more freedom than back home.'[/two_second][divider type=”thin”]

[two_first]Felipe, 20, Brazil

Fine Art


‘My college ceramics studio has loads of space and less people where I can be myself.'[/two_first][two_second]Daisy, 19, Bath

Fine Art


‘Going swimming where you think about nothing else, other than keeping afloat.'[/two_second][divider type=”thin”]

Heather, 22, England

Student Union


‘A political march or a rally on feminism.'[divider type=”thin”]

Photography by Sara Furlanetto

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