Game of Thrones Season 5 unveiled

The Game of Thrones season five trailer has finally been unveiled. Setting the scene with the ominous words of Cersei, “Nothing is more hateful than failing to protect the one you love”, the trailer opens up to show the chaos that lies ahead, although it does feel rather predictable.

Season 4 ended in true GoT style with all sorts of cliffhangers and seat-grabbing action. The new trailer offers an incredible amount to take in, exposing new paths and strenuous challenges for the characters.

Cersei and Jamie don’t look too happy; strange, gold-masked soldiers are up to no good; Margaery is getting married again and Littlefinger urges Sansa to take revenge for her family. Oh, and Tyrion Lannister appears to come out of a box.

Despite the latter, there are some more interesting glimpses into the new season. Arya practices her swordplay and enters a mysterious black and white door, and Varys encourages Tyrion to support a more favourable ruler, stressing that it might not be a “him”. Enter Daenerys and her army, but the crashing of the golden statue seems to imply that it won’t be all fun and games in the Mother of Dragons’ camp.

For followers of the series there’s not really a great amount to get excited about from this preview. Compared to other trailers, this one doesn’t leave viewers with white knuckles hanging off the end of their chair.

Season five of the show, based on books four and five, premieres April 12. Let’s pray the trailer is giving us just a slight glimpse of what this next season has in store!

Check out the trailer here:

Feature image: Home Box Office, Television 360, Grok! Studio, Generator Entertainment, Bighead Littlehead

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