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Ziferblat is responsible for an original concept that stems from the traditional cafe – customers pay for the time they spend in the coffee shop, rather than for each individual item.

The cafe is situated in Old Street, alongside a cluster of quirky venues that all offer something different, unique and ‘out there.’

After being signing in at the door, and being informed that the cafe is 5p per minute (£3 per hour), I was eager to try the unlimited wifi, coffee, tea and biscuits.

Everyone seemed pretty relaxed despite the fact that time is literally money. After securing myself a plate of biscuits and a latte I got comfy on a large velvet chair.

The mixture of furnishings around the small but inviting room, alongside soft-jazz music playing on vinyl, made me feel as if nothing could go wrong.

The staff were so friendly and talkative, creating a feeling of community during the time I spent there. Reliant on donations, Ziferblat is a social experiment originating from Russia; therefore, customers are expected to be fair with their usage and help out where they can.

The kitchen is complete with a coffee machine, toaster, full fridge and kettle and kept me satisfied throughout lunchtime.

I wasn’t just impressed by the fact I could consume as much as I wanted; the range of boardgames, musical instruments, books and magazines on offer could entertain a party of any size.

Ziferblat is worth a visit whether you want to play with other musicians, read a book or just want to fill an afternoon with a cup of tea – or seven.


Feature Image by Fleur de-Boer

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