Donald Trump is questioned by Anthony Baxter for his documentary A Dangerous Game [Montrose Pictures]

Film-maker Anthony Baxter is not a fan of US billionaire businessman Donald Trump.

A Dangerous Game is the follow-up to Baxter’s acclaimed documentary You’ve Been Trumped, which exposed how Trump used his power and influence to bulldoze both vehement local resistance and an official Site of Special Scientific Interest as he sought to build a schmaltzy golf complex in Balmedie, a sleepy village on the Aberdeenshire coast.

In the sequel Baxter goes on to highlight similar stories of luxury golf course developments from across the world in which economic interests have trumped environmental concerns: Lake Las Vegas; Dubrovnik, Croatia; and Dubai.

A Dangeorous Game opens with the earthy tones of farmer Micheal Forbes reading a letter of encouragement sent from a stranger in San Francisco, who calls Trump “one of America’s worst exports.” It’s a sentiment that becomes easier to accept with every scene the toupéed tycoon appears in.

As one protester outside the Scottish Parliament (which Trump was attending to attack plans for a wind farm near his golf course) said, “He’s a fine example of one per cent of the population controlling 99 per cent of the power and influence.”

The memorable aspects of the story lie with the Balmedie locals – such as Molly Forbes, Michael’s stoic 90–year–old mother – who grab the sympathy of the viewer. Since one of Trump’s trucks crushed the pipe supplying their houses with water three years ago, the locals, including Molly, been wheelbarrowing their water up from a nearby stream. The international aspect is something of a distraction, but the film is heartfelt and full of conviction nevertheless. Well worth a watch.

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Image courtesy of Montrose Pictures