Female TV host shuts down rude scholar

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Lebanese TV host Rima Karaki cut off a male guest speaker after being told to “shut up” on live television.

On March 6, Karaki was interviewing Muslim scholar Hani al-Seba’I, a prominent figure within Muslim society, about reports of Christians joining the Islamic State in the Middle East.

Due to limited amount of air time, the host was forced to intervene as the scholar offered an in-depth answer about historical precedent which had led him astray from the original question.

Following the interruption, al-Seba’l complained about the host’s intervention: “Listen, don’t cut me off. I will answer as I please… what kind of behaviour is this?”

The al-Jadeed TV host then tried to bring back order in the studio by telling the man to continue with his answer, but to refrain from calling her names, all the while reinstating her position: “In this studio, I run the show.”

Karaki explained to al-Seba’I that her actions were not intentional, but because of the shortness of time available, his answers needed to be as brief and concise as possible to cover all the points of the discussion.

Once again, the guest’s response was not pleasant: “Are you done? Shut up, so I can talk.” Al-Seba’l then proceeded to further insult the TV host saying: “It’s beneath me to be interviewed by you, you are a woman who…”

Realising the man had no intention to stop, the network decided to disconnect his microphone to put an end to his tirade. Cameras were then brought back on Karaki as she calmly concluded the segment:  “Either there is mutual respect, or the conversation is over.”

The remarks made by al-Seba’I sent shock waves all around social media: many supportive tweets were shared commending Karaki on how well she handled herself in the incident:


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