Album | Wild Nothing: Life of Pause

Wild album cover

The third full LP from Jack Tatum, with a little help from Thom Monahan (Devendra Banhart) and drummer John Eriksson (Peter Bjorn And John) launches a more mature take on the artist’s usual dream pop patterns.

The haziness remains, yet it features tropical, Graceland-esque spirits in Reichpop contrasting with the ballad inspired Japanese Alice. 

The production of the record excels itself, perhaps slightly too clean cut for any fans of 2010’s Gemini’s lo-fi, echoed sounds.

Five years on exemplify a more varied approach instrumentally, contributing to the sifted sounds echoing eighties nostalgia.

Continuing his indie pop legacy with slight turns to psychedelia on Alien and Love Underneath My Thumb shows influences from Tame Impala and judging by their success, some of the best songs on the album.

Remaining in the dream but bursting at the seams with genre crossing rarities leave Life of Pause nodding along the shadows of indie.



Featured image by Bella Union.