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After having had a long and stressful Monday morning making my way to university, I came across a small café named Venezia.

On the list of top ten things you should be experiencing when in London is a breakfast at this small but authentic eatery.

I was instantly drawn to the café as it had very interesting décor, as well as being clean and well looked after. The location of Venezia is in a unique and multi-cultural area, and the interior in Venezia has a North African theme to it; as I entered I was really intrigued by the cultural diversity.


‘Tagine’ in Venezia. Tagine is used for both cooking stews and serving.

For example they offered a full English breakfast but at the same time their special was a traditional Moroccan dish, Couscous.

I also realised all types of people were coming in, mixing from tourists to office types to manual workers.

Venezia instantly made me feel welcomed and at home, I decided to order an omelette with beans and sausages, and a glass of fresh orange juice to wash it all down.

Whilst I waited I got speaking to one of the regulars named George, he told me: “I have been coming to Venezia since it first opened, and I have to say it is an extremely family-orientated café with a super atmosphere, vast variety of food and drink, with excellent menu choices, very efficient service and very good value for money. My favourite is the Steak and Kidney pie, compare it to the pies I’ve eaten at up-market pubs which seem to have puff pastry and little meat, this pie is full of lean meat.”

I have to say I agree with George, the service was extremely quick and friendly and the food was very tasty. It made me feel like I was having a proper British breakfast.

No fuss, no exclusivity, just devilishly fine café food providing you with sustenance to see you through the day.

This is a treat everyone should indulge in and what a brilliant start to the week!

All images by Doruntina Neziri

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