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The 2016 diet that everyone is talking about is none other than the Sirt food diet which includes red wine, chocolate and coffee into its foods that are on the yes list.
The Sirt food diet focuses on ingredients that you include into your everyday life that experts say increase weight loss without affecting muscle loss at the same time.
The foods that are included in the book are high in sirtuin activators, which are a type of protein that affect your health and weight. The sirtuins burn fat and increase your metabolism and increase muscle in the body.
The beauty of this diet lies in the fact that experts claim that just including a few Sirt foods in your diet can control the amount of rubbish we eat.
This leads to a diet that can effectively be applied to your life forever, with little effort. It is rumoured that the increase of these types of food can even hep control certain diseases and help you live longer!
The release of The Sirt food diet book by nutritionists Aidan Goggins and Glen Matten, means that we can all get involved in the Sirt food diet craze for just £3 on Amazon.
The book guides you through a four-week diet plan with week one focusing on fasting during the day and filling up on juices that include ingredients such as: celery, rocket, apple, lemons and a few others.
Although it may not sound like the most delicious thing, the meals in the evening will make up for it with a wide selection of vegan, fish and meat recipes.
After week one, which also induces a detox of the body you will feel energised and refreshed and generally healthier from the inside out with the book claiming you will lose seven pounds in seven days.
As the days progress more meals are added into the diet, especially from week two onwards with the increase to three meals a day with even a Sirt food pizza amongst the recipes.
From my own experiences using this diet you end up seeing the results visually rather than the number on the scale.
I have tried many diets and personally think this one has been the best with a psychological factor involved by physically not wanting to eat junk food and wanting to exercise more often.

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