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The Medicine Now exhibition at the Wellcome Trust

The Wellcome Trust, home to the world’s largest medical research charity, funding research into human and animal health, is also home to a permanent, free exhibition called Medicine Now.

Exploring the concept of when science meets medicine, the exhibition follows the “experiences of scientists, doctors and patients”, since the death of pharmaceutical entrepreneur Henry Wellcome.

The Medicine Now exhibition – located on the second floor of the Wellcome Trust – invite their audience to interact and explore the nature of science and medicine through interactive and unusual forms of art.

Featuring works by Luke Jerram, John Isaacs, Ellie Harrison and The Institute of Plastination, Medicine Now introduces the themes of the body, genomes, obesity and medicine through a fascinating and informative four-part presentation.

The Body introduces the first theme of the exhibit – is an unusual take on our ideas and relationship with our own bodies.

John Isaacs - 'I can't help the way I feel' at the Wellcome Trust

John Isaacs: I can’t help the way I feel

Genomes looks at the science behind Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) – known as the ‘chemical code of life’ – which enables visitors to gain a greater understanding of how human beings are made and work.

Medicine Now also displays an up-to-date and near complete archive of DNA sequences which make up the human body.

Addressing the theme Obesity in humans, viewers will find the captivating 2003 piece by John Isaacs called I can’t help the way I feel.

While all the exhibits feature a theme, it is Medicine Now which encompasses the idea of science and medicine as a whole, the most intriguing part of the exhibition being found at the very end.

Medicine Now is a must see exhibition, which will change the way you think and interpret the notion of health and the human body.





Medicine Now is a permanent and free exhibition available to view at The Wellcome Trust, London.

Featured image by Nike Akintokun