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Artefact’s Cheyanne showcases some of her favourites with the help of other music heads, who believe that these tracks should be on everyone’s playlists.

1..Santan Dave – Wanna Know

Santan Dave, Wanna Know, 2016, is the first track to make it on to the playlist.

Dave is a 19 year old rapper who is definitely on the come up.

Drake did remix this song which became extremely popular over the internet.

Though, that was amazing publicity for the young artist, the original can stand on its own two feet and holds its position.

This song just makes you feel good.

It makes you want to chill with all of your friends so you can sing along (yes, it’s that catchy).

It will be exciting to see what he producers this year.


2. MHD – Afro Trap Part 3 (Champions League)

Is it me, or are the French cool AF? Last year the newly formed sub genre, Afro trap made its appearance, and I think that it’s safe to say that it’s here to stay.

The worldwide known Parisian is considered to be the precursor of the African and trap music fusion which is a pretty big achievement. The artist has made many Afro Trap part tracks but part 3 (Champions League) has to be the best one.

This track will make you want to learn French, eat some French food, get you a French lover and even become a rapper.


Maybe you’ll even watch a football match or two. I don’t know.

What I love about this track is that even though you may not understand the lyrics you can still enjoy and do that little dance he does in the video.


3. Destiny’s Child – Say My Name

Now a playlist wouldn’t be a playlist without a classic!


Say my name is that song you play when you’re getting ready and then you end up being really late to school, work, etc because you’re too busy being fake mad at your imaginary boyfriend.

Yes, I’m indeed confessing. Don’t judge me.

This song brings females all around the world together. It empowers us, it makes us dance and question these men like all of their tracks.

The group really did make ‘I’m about to break up with you’ type of music and I am totally here for it.

Also, there’s just something about the 90s and early 2000s music that just keeps me going. It’s unfortunate that R&B is no longer like this.

Lastly, Beyoncé could you bring that hairstyle back? Thank you in advance.


4. Erykah Badu – On & On

I don’t need to say much. Internet sensation Jay Versace explains it best.

You just feel a peace.

Add this to your playlist for your own sanity.


5. Sango – Me dê Amor

Sango is hands down one of the best producers ever, please don’t argue you with this.

I love his work inspired by Brazilian music the most because he takes you on a trip. He makes you want to book the next ticket to Brasilia.

Not only that but he’s very unique and when you hear his music you’ll know that it’s by him. It’s very difficult to stand out in this over-saturated trap music world but Sango holds his own

If you fancy a quick, free trip to Brazil listen to his tracks

You’re welcome.


6. Kelis featuring Andre 3000 – Millionaire

The oldie but a goodie that Rufaro shared with Artefact was song “Millionaire” by American singer-songwriter Kelis, featuring André 3000. Now, this song is a banger!

The track blessed our eardrums back in October, 18th 2004 as the third single from Kelis’ third studio album, Tasty released in 2003.

If you don’t know this song then I feel sorry you.

And if you don’t like this track, I need you to repent on your sins.

“[this is] a rise and grind song” says Rufaro.

The R&B and Funktronica song was produced by “the best rapper ever” as Rufaro stated, Andre 3000

“It that one good song that you want to relate to” he adds.


7.  PartyNextDoor – West District

Canadian native PartyNextDoor also makes it on the list, with song West District, 2014. Which is his own spin off of Drake’s Days in the East which he co-produced.

Kenneth, 18, mentions “I like it because it puts you in a vibe. It’s a song you will listen to when your car is on cruise control or something.”

“The lyrics for West District aren’t particularly good but the production of the beat is amazing,” he claims


8. Kid Cudi featuring Willow Smith – Rose Golden

Kid Cudi’s Rose Golden featuring Willow Smith from the Pain, Passion & Slayin’ album, 2016, is another gem to be added to the Artefact playlist.

JJ, 22, says: “It’s up lifting makes you feel better like something good is coming around the corner.”

JJ also explains: “[It makes you] believe in yourself.”

It makes me feel like light is at the end of the tunnel because the lyrics are kind of about not having anyone to guide your potential, which leads you to feeling lost and I think everybody somewhat goes through that at some point.”

“The lyrics are written from the viewpoint of being in the past and acknowledges how far you have come. So it kind of makes you think that if they can make it through then maybe you can too” he adds.




Featured image: via Sango on Facebook/ Atikh Bana

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