Words: Nour C

I’m not scared to go back to America

I want to go back to America

I have already lost a country, I can’t lose the other

I’m saving the other

I’m not scared to tie my hijab on my head, every single morning

I’m not scared to speak my own language

My passport shouts that I’m Syrian, I do too

My hijab shouts that I’m Muslim, I can do too

I’m Syrian, I’m Muslim and I’m an immigrant

Wasn’t that what America is all about?

I’m not scared

But I’m scared that people will go through a news fatigue of the Muslim ban, just like they did of the refugee “crisis”

I’m scared that as I watched Syrians pour into Europe, I’ll watch Muslims pour out of America

I’m scared of walls

I’m afraid we will start forgetting the importance of bridges

I’m scared that people will get tired of protesting, organizing and resisting

That is what I am scared of.


Image: nonorganical / Flickr CC

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