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Sidonie Forlemu is the force behind the up-and-coming brand ‘Skylar Glam Cosmetics’ which launched on September 21, 2017. The name for the brand was inspired by the name of her daughter Skylar

After having her daughter, the young Cameroonian had to reduce her working hours, but also keep herself busy. Owning a company/brand is something that she had always dreamt of, and while doing the daily parental tasks she also had an opportunity to focus and go on to create something for herself.

Forlemu decided to go into make-up, she says that such a decision was not an easy task, as she had to pick out what she particularly liked within the many make-up products and question if her choice would be good enough to start a business for herself.

In her day to day thoughts, it crossed her mind that often a full face of make-up wasn’t necessary. For herself, she has always preferred to have a quality matte lipstick or gloss and found that some of these products still did not have a formula that can hold onto a person’s lips before coming off on a wine glass or when biting into a piece of food. This inspired her to start the launch of her brand with matte lip wear.

Having reviewed the product it is fair to say that Sidonie was right. The texture of the matte lipsticks is light, fluffy, yet have full coverage and do last the whole day! No wonder her lipsticks have earned their place in the make-up collections of bloggers such as Clarisdailylifestyle, who is seen wearing the lipsticks in several pictures on her blog posts.

Shade: Chanty Shade: Linda Shade: Classy


The Matte liquid lipsticks
are currently available
in five different shades.
Chanty. Is a light plum shade with a hint of berry. This colour would be perfect for celebration occasions like traditional weddings. It would also complement party outfits and works very well at making your lips stand out.
. .
Last Night. Is a Candy Apple red. It does not appear to be very heavy in colour and is not too bright but ‘bright enough’. The shade would compliment the summer vibe but work well with autumn browns and yellows.
Linda. This burgundy/mulberry purple is perfect for the evening and the winter. This deep colour works extremely well with both black and white outfits and is a really warm but bold colour. Obsession. Is a brown and works very well as an everyday colour that would kindly go with most outfits and everyday looks. Although it is not very striking colour it’s a colour that works well with so many skin tones/complexions. If you’re someone that procrastinates over what shades of lippy to get you can’t go wrong with obsession. Classy. This shade is not your typical pink as it has more of a light berry colour. It is not the most adventurous colour but offers a very simple compliment to a finished makeup look.


Aside from the five shades of lipstick featured on, Sidonie Formelu also makes wigs and offers a wig service as part of her brand which you can contact her to make via a live chat service that is offered on her website.

The lipstick entrepreneur also has plans of adding foundations and other makeup items to her line next year were hopefully she will be able to create a Launch party to help promote the brand even more.

As part of an honest review of the lipsticks, Apai-Ketuya along with Charlotte Layton decided to put these lippies to the test in the review that can be seen in the video below.




All Skylar Glam cosmetics can be found online:


Instagram: @Skylarglam_cometic

Facebook: Skylarglam

Snapchat: Skylarglam cosmetics

Featured image by Sidonie Forlemu

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