Fashion brand or community? Both!

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In the fast-growing and ever-developing fashion industry, it is not easy for new designers to get noticed or surprise tempted customers. How many fashion brands are out there? Tens? Hundreds? Thousands?

Each and every brand is trying to come up with new ideas or decisions to stand out. But still, nowadays, it is more and more difficult to find something special and unique.

Artefact had a chance to meet one of today’s young and inspiring entrepreneurs, Sergey Kiziev, who came up with a fresh idea. He thinks that his new brand is a first one which will allow its clients to become something more than just clothes owners.

Slava Designs is a limited brand. The concept is that each piece of clothing has its own individual number for a certain collection. Hence, every garment is unique, which will underline the individuality of each person.

Sergey Kiziev, CEO

Sergey Kiziev [Alexandra Marchuk]

The other special thing is that Sergey’s team is creating a community behind the brand. Any person, who purchases a Slava product, becomes a member of the closed community which enables him or her to attend different and exclusive events like fashion shows, fashion drops, lounge parties, concerts and exclusive night outs, something that no other brand offers.

It all sounds very interesting and unusual and hopefully, will attract a lot of attention in such a competitive market.

The brand has an interesting name – Slava in Russian, is spelt as СЛАВА, which means “glory” or “fame”. Sergey says that this word incorporates in itself the connotations of determination and desire for success which he believes are the ethics of his team and the community that they are creating. That is why they associate this name with something bigger, that they are reaching out for.

Sergey has lived most of his life in Novosibirsk, Russia. He moved to the UK when he was thirteen to attend a boarding school. Over the years, he has developed an interest in entrepreneurship and economics, which therefore influenced his decision to study Economics at University College London.

Economics and fashion are quite different spheres, so it was interesting to ask, how Sergey came up with such an idea to create his own brand. “While having my sister as an interior designer and my parents as entrepreneurs, I felt that I have incorporated features of both creative imagination and structured management,” he says.

“Being interested in fashion and looking at the development of this industry, I started associating myself with certain brands but realised that there was not much behind it. Thinking about it, an idea of creating something more than just a brand came into my mind.”

Sergey Kiziev, "SLAVA" CEO

Slava’s brand focus on creating an exclusive community [Alexandra Marchuk]

He decided to work closely with the people he really trusts, so Sergey and his team started to develop a new concept, with a willingness to create a community of like-minded people.

Sergey speaks about his team with confidence and pride, calling themselves “determined individuals”, and saying that they see no limits and boundaries on the way. It is a great position for a group leader and definitely sounds encouraging.

The brand owner says that the team is ready to create a community, where each person will become a part of something more than just clothing. “We offer a new way of thinking and ready to revolutionise the way people perceive fashion!”

Currently, Sergey and his team are working on setting out a few collaborations with some influential people, like bloggers, models and representative of other industries from all over the world.

“Slava” is willing to work with young and forward-looking designers, artists and creative individuals. The brand is due to be launched soon and we are looking forward to seeing how “Slava” will develop.





Featured image courtesy of Sergey Kiziev.

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