London street style: Soho

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Carnaby Street [Elana Dickson]

Soho is known for its abundance of cocktail bars, international restaurants and vintage and streetwear shops. Throughout the week, rain or shine, you can find streetwear fanatics or ‘hype beasts’ queueing outside Supreme to cop the latest clothing drop. After hours on a weekend, the streets are filled with people spilling out of bars and clubs on Dean and Greek Street.

Carnaby Street, known for its fashion from London’s heyday in the sixties, is also buzzing with shoppers just off Oxford and Regent Street. It has every store from Size shoe store to family-run mod shop, Sherry’s, and all the makeup stores that a girl needs. For a tourist in London, an artsy picture in Soho and Carnaby Street are a must for your Instagram.

Soho is the place to be for dedicated followers of fashion (and cocktails) and is the perfect place to people watch and gain some fashion inspiration.

Artefact explored Soho to find some streetwear lovers to tell us about their style and some recommendations for the best places to shop, eat and drink.

Paolo Balladres

Paolo Balladres, 20, Photographer and Contemporary Media Cultures student


How would you describe your style?

“Flexible, because my personality doesn’t sit with just one topic or style. I like a lot of things that sometimes don’t compliment each other so I can rock a variety of styles, I don’t stick to one. But on a daily basis, I wear essential streetwear and then have the flex piece be my shoes.”

Favourite places to shop?

“Cheap Monday for jeans; Bershka for essentials; Urban Outfitters; Selfridges. I go to Depop or resellers for shoes and rare pieces.”

Favourite places to eat and drink?

“Herman The German in Soho, any Korean BBQ places to eat. I drink at Chatime, T4 and Cuppacha”


Alexandra Soronka

Alexandra Soronka

Alexandra Soroka, 18, student and sales assistant


How would you describe your style?

“Impressionable. I started getting into Supreme when I was younger and would go to the store when I was 12. That sort of laid-back skater look really suited me, I could wear a crew neck, some dickies trousers, Nike SBs and staple white socks and to me, it would be the coolest outfit ever.”

Favourite places to shop?

“Soho is definitely the hub of streetwear, it’s most famous for places like Palace and Supreme, but these days I mostly go there for the food.”

Favourite places to eat and drink?

“Bar Bruno, right by Supreme, has the best English breakfast you will have and their sandwiches are to die for. Gaza on Greek Street has awesome desserts and are famous for their Korean shaved ice. If you want to try some street food you definitely can’t miss Street Food Union.”

“I usually end a day in Soho in the arcade, there’s always something to do and you can meet some interesting people. Soho itself is a mix of cultures and lifestyles and I think that’s what makes it such a popular yet comfortable place to be.”


Yin Teo

Yin Teo, 19, Entrepreneur


How would you describe your style?

“I’m a rebellious go-getter rocking pink CDG Nike shoes with confidence.”

Favourite places to shop?

“I don’t shop much, but when I do I spend my money in Dover Street Market or at Nike.”

Favourite places to eat and drink?

“My favourite place to eat is JOYKINGLAU in Chinatown or if I’m on the go its a quick ‘mcdees'”








All images by Elana Dickson.

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