Nest: Sophia Cristina Lauric

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In this series, Artefact gets a glimpse into some of London’s creatives’ favourite spaces to create.

In Sophia's room [Drawing by Diandra Elmira]

In Sophia’s room [Diandra Elmira]

As the sunlight poses on the wild field the artist is painting, time stops. The sound of brush strokes on the canvas is the only noise in the room and it feels as natural as the sound of singing birds waking you up in the morning.

I take a look around and I feel overwhelmed. There are huge canvases everywhere: laying underneath the bed, standing in line on the floor, hanging on the walls, one next to the other. They represent a period in time dealing with a feeling of sorrow yet to be overcome.

Years of work are gathered in a little space that probably had no purpose until fine artist Sofia Cristina Lauric came along and made it her nest. And surrounded by her past, I wonder how can one dream with so much weight above them.

Nest, episode two, shows how important it is to be in connection with your own art in order to keep creating.

Sofia Cristina Lauric is a Romanian fine and digital artist who lives thousands of lives through the canvases she paints. Sensitive and authentic, she speaks from the heart when talking about art and how much it means to her. You can usually find her teaching others about virtue and technique, but in the meantime, you can ask her anything at @sophiacristinalauric on Instagram.


Featured image courtesy of Diandra Elmira

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