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The stigma surrounding the polyamorous community can often be reflected by the traditionalist morals we’re brought up on that determine what we consider to be a successful or healthy relationship.

From birth we are told that our lives will follow a path of finding ‘the one’, settling down and then eventually starting a family with them. Maybe it’s because our parents haven’t experienced anything other than this, but the idea of loving more than one person is often frowned upon due to the assumption that love, and affection cannot be shared equally.

The root of these assumptions usually begins within the media, where an outsider can fuel their negative outlook on polyamorous relationships through a selection of uncomfortable stories in documentaries and gossip magazines.

Like most scandals in the news, audiences become susceptible to humiliating or comical material because it’s entertaining – even when the objective is not to ridicule the subject of the story.

To challenge the preconceived ideas about the pros and cons of a polyamorous relationship, Artefact sat down with Lana Peswani and Dorian Loveday to discuss the various possibilities under the umbrella term that have gradually led them to be proud of their polyamorous dynamic.

With a professional perspective at hand, too, Gender and Sexual Diversity Therapist Debbie Clemments breaks down the importance of providing a service and support for poly individuals and why it’s not as common as it should be.





Feature image provided by Ian Schneider via Unsplash CC


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