Virtual dance: How a family firm survived lockdown

“I was absolutely heartbroken when lockdown was announced,” this was the reaction of Suzanne Hewitt when Boris Johnson revealed to the public that all dance schools must close until further notice. So, for the first time in forty-eight years, Hewitt Performing Arts must be closed to the public.

This was the sad reality for all performing arts schools in England as lockdown made all indoor sports stop immediately. This left performing arts not knowing where to turn to as their livelihood was now an illegal practice. They now had to figure out how to make it through lockdown on their own terms, as no Government support was given.

In this video, Artefact magazine meets the team at Hewitt Performing Arts, a family run dance school, and the founder’s daughter, Suzanne Hewitt, tells us all about the family business not being able to open for months and what it’s like now its back open.



Featured image courtesy of Hewitt Performing Arts.
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