Dusted Pegasus: Visualise the unreal

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disposable pictures of emmanuel and ugo

Ugo and Emmanuel, founders of Dusted Pegasus [Giuli Graziano]

Dusted Pegasus is a visual media agency born from the idea of 21-year-old south London creatives Emmanuel Obanor and Ugo Onyeji.

Started in mid-2019 from the desire to create stories and educate through visual media, Dusted Pegasus Studio originally had no name and was simply a continued effort to produce art.

Beginning through graphic design, their surreal and diverse pieces demonstrated a range of ideas and creativity. Over time, their scopes grew bigger: Art pieces became animated visuals, visuals became promotional videos, and so on… As more works were done, they realised a brand needed to be created to house all their efforts. As stated in their slogan, their objective is, “and always will be”, to “visualise the unreal”.

Emmanuel, Co-Founder and Creative Director, is an engineering student with a passion for all things creative. Ugo, Co-Founder, and Cinematographer, is currently a 3D animation student, and he tells us, “I got introduced to animation by a friend, and now I love it; I couldn’t see myself doing anything else”.

Together, they bring their talents and ambition to others to make their dream ideas into an animated reality.




Featured image and video by Giuli Graziano.
Edited by Darnell Christie.

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