The DJ growing a new following on Twitch

by Rashmi Lawati and Diane Mendoza

Since Amazon bought Twitch in 2014, the streaming platform has doubled in viewers within a year to 100 million viewers per month.

As of February 2020 it is recorded to have three million monthly and 15 million daily active users. Dominated by the gaming streamers the growth of the platform led to Twitch releasing more categories, such as music, IRL and fitness and health, to broaden the audience.

How is twitch gaining such popularity? How is it developing from a gaming platform? Who is Twitch for?

We sat down with Jyoty Singh, a DJ who joined Twitch during the global pandemic, to talk about her experience and how she formed an online community.





Featured image by Diane Mendoza.
Edited by Susu Hagos.