Burning out: How creators struggle to meet demand

Audience taking photos with their phone at an event.

When Bella Hadid took to Instagram to express how hard it is to be in the public eye, and constantly on social media, many could relate. But her story resonated most closely with content creators, who are reliant on being visible and feeding the algorithms of many different apps.

How do we, an always hungry, always online audience, contribute to what we call content creator burn-out? And how can those who suffer from stress and are overwhelmed in their social media job get out of it? Can you even be creative when you feel like you need to be?

Our reporter Hanna Modder talks to a content creator who couldn’t leave her bed for days, an influencer marketer that sits on the Influencer Marketing Trade Body (IMTB), a counsellor specialised in burnout, and a YouTuber and therapist, who worked with YouTube for their content on creator burn-out.




Featured image by Gian Cescongian via Unsplash.
Edited by Annika Loebig.