Conceivable Futures: Climate and reproductive rights

Conceivable Future's Logo. Drawn baby being held between two hands.

There is no denying that the climate crisis and environmental issues lie at the core of this generation’s discussions. There are many different initiatives and everyone has surely heard of at least one.

However, the intersection between the climate crisis and reproductive issues is often overlooked or even ignored. At Conceivable Futures, co-founders Josephine Ferorelli and Meghan Kallman consider the climate crisis to be a reproductive rights crisis.

They have created a network were they get people together and gather testimonies to encourage others to actively participate in dismantling the systems that perpetuate climate change, particularly the fossil fuel industry.

Josephine Ferorelli explains it all on this audio piece, alongside climate activists Don Addu and Katie Rose and the author of Mothering in a climate change era: questions from a scared Millennial, Jade Dapher.

Josephine is a former Climate Bureau editor at Occupy and a climate justice activist. You can read her writings about yoga, dharma, art and the climate crisis at Grand Gather.


Music by Judson Clairborne, available on Youtube
Podcast produced and presented by Anmy Pazos Martinez