TikTok & the music industry:
1: The rise of Sub-Radio

Sub-radio members standing on a balcony

TikTok has been the talk of the last two years, especially since the start of the pandemic, as this platform connects multiple generations and is one of the leading platforms of entertainment and change.

From emerging artists to famous singers, everyone has the opportunity to present themselves and create their own community. But how does Tiktok influence the music industry? What are the disadvantages for a creator on TikTok? What will the future of music look like?

In this series, we explore this topic together with the American band Sub-Radio which has reached an audience of more than half-a-million people with millions of likes on their videos. Starting as on Reddit, Sub-Radio is known for TikToks about their performances on Omegle to random people. You probably came across their newest cover “Stacy’s Dad”.

In episode one, we discuss the story of Sub-Radio and their success and how the focus shifted to TikTok as a creative platform for musicians.




Thank you to Adam, Matt and Michael! If you want to listen more to Sub-Radio, make sure to check out their social media, including their TikTok (@subradioband).

Featured image courtesy of Sub-Radio.
Music: “Caroline” by Sub-Radio.
Edited by Charlotte Griffin.