Making it into journalism after graduation

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Completing university and finally graduating is such a refreshing feeling, like starting a new chapter in your life. But often the prospects of a career and being metaphorically thrown into the ‘big wide world’ can be a scary and overwhelming idea.

For budding journalists, getting into the industry can be just as difficult as any other field, especially with the way news is constantly changing and evolving, which can sometimes mean a turbulent job market.

According to, journalism graduates branch out into other media fields. For example, they report 29.4% of journalism graduates go into marketing, PR and sales and 27% go into arts, design and media.

In this podcast, we discuss the different paths that journalism graduates can take with Annika Loebig, who created her own path into the industry as editor-in-chief of Cringe magazine, and Ira Alecia, a freelance journalist who gives us her personal experience of breaking into the industry and how the future of journalism needs to be fully and fairly accessible.




Featured image by Nick Youngson on Picpedia CC.

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