Royal tragedies and the curse of the Kohinoor

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Why are recent announcements by Buckingham Palace being linked to an ancient curse?

In less than a year since King Charles’ coronation, the royal family has announced one unfortunate piece of news after another.

From the diagnosis of King Charles’ cancer to the bizarre conspiracy theories that swirled around Kate Middleton going missing, followed by her announcement of undergoing treatment for cancer.

These events once again sparked the debate over the curse of the Kohinoor diamond that currently sits as a part of the Crown Jewels in the Tower of London.

Looking back at history, many have spotted a tragic pattern amongst the stories of most men who possessed this diamond. According to legend, calamity befalls any man who possesses the Kohinoor.

For those unfamiliar with the infamous curse, this podcast will take you through a brief history of the diamond exchanging hands among invaders and emperors, their tragic downfalls and how it reached Britain.

It will also answer the question of why it is currently being linked to King Charles and the royal family.

Author, historian and journalist Shrabani Basu joins us in a segment of this episode.

Featured image by Ada Kohli.

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