News & Politics

A turn to the Right

Artefact explores the worrying worldwide trend in politics – why are more voters turning to the right?

“I was born bad”

Did Stephen Paddock, the Las Vegas mass murderer, have a “bad streak” in his blood or was it antidepressants that triggered his criminal instinct?

Life & Style

Drawn to Islam

During times of immense scrutiny and prejudice one young woman tells Artefact of how she fell in love with Islam.


The power of art

We visit California to hear about a revolutionary turn in the male-dominated world of graffiti.

An art revolution

Artefact investigates how art culture has changed in North Africa before and after the Arab Spring?

Entertainment & Music



TV | Clique

A review of the first episode of BBC-3’s newest teen drama Clique.

A+ Truth & Terror: Special edition

Inside the world of Hijras

Armoured by social media and open-minded directors, Pakistan’s transgender activists are taking back control over how they are perceived and alienated by society.