News & Politics

“I was born bad”

Did Stephen Paddock, the Las Vegas mass murderer, have a “bad streak” in his blood or was it antidepressants that triggered his criminal instinct?

Small town, big heroes

The stories of six people who fought to give the small Catalan town of Aiguaviva the right to democracy on October 1st.

Life & Style

The drugs of hospitality

Artefact meets Mark, a 22 year old bartender in South West London, whose story proves that there is more than meets the eye when it comes to drug use in hospitality.

Saving Southbank

After winning the Long Live Southbank Campaign, what’s next for the birthplace of UK skateboarding?


Copping, not shopping

Artefact investigates the new form of retailing which means shopping for clothing brands is no longer as simple as it seems.

The tattoo trend

Tattoos have become the latest statement in the fashion industry but, where did this trend begin?

Entertainment & Music



TV | Clique

A review of the first episode of BBC-3’s newest teen drama Clique.

A+ Truth & Terror: Special edition

Inside the world of Hijras

Armoured by social media and open-minded directors, Pakistan’s transgender activists are taking back control over how they are perceived and alienated by society.