The real heroes of Comic Con

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London’s MCM Comic Con is probably the only place where you’ll find Spiderman, Xerxes from 300 and Maleficent under one roof for an entire weekend, as well as thousands of other characters brought to life before your very eyes.

Anime, manga, gaming, and various pop culture enthusiasts flock here twice a year for the expo.

Along with the opportunity to meet your favourite stars from shows such as Teen Wolf, Marvel’s Avengers Assemble and Warehouse 13, you can interact with like-minded people while playing Pokémon or eating chicken gyoza.

These expos are the perfect opportunity for people to cosplay as some of their favourite characters in anime, gaming and TV.

While the main focus of these expos are on the stars and heroes in comics and the entertainment world, we look away from this mainstream focus and instead put the real people, dressed as their alter-egos in the spotlight.

Written and created by Danielle Agtani and Ria Sajit

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