Mi pattern laboratory and exhibition at CSM

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Central Saint Martins is hosting Mi Pattern, a week-long event to explore the world of pattern under the microscope.

The university’s Lethaby Gallery will be turned into a laboratory and students from across University of the Arts London colleges are invited to come and collaborate on what organiser Professor Rob Kesseler describes as an “investigation into the microscopic world.”

Visitors to the exhibition will have access to a range of powerful microscopes to examine the complex textures and patterns revealed in everyday materials.

The images will be printed out on a large format printer to provide material to create a series of pattern books and repositories of micro samples as an archive of the event.

Students are also invited to bring their own materials to examine throughout the week.

At 10.30am on 23 October, Professor Rob Kesseler, Chair of Arts, Design & Science will be holding an interactive event with Roger Kneebone, Professor of Surgical Education from Imperial College London; at which a pop up operating theatre will be set up to demonstrate simulated operations using different methods of surgery.

“We are inviting UAL students to join teams lead by real professionals who run operating theatres, in which each student can view these proceedings through the eyes of newness and the lens of their own specialism. Following the operation, the teams will be invited to a seminar to explore ways in which their own discipline might contribute to and highlight areas for improvement,” said Kesseler.

Professor Kesseler is interested in cross-discipline projects and is keen to have diverse range of disciplines from across UAL’s postgraduate community as possible.

“Industrial design, performance, fashion, architecture, film, cosmetic science, illustration, narrative environments; all disciplines have their own special contribution to make.”

Additionally, a pattern party will be held on Friday 31st October to kick off the exhibition week and is open to all UAL students. Party attendees can expect to find themselves photographing images of each other’s skin, before printing and pasting the images in the gallery.

The intention is for new visitors to add more contributions throughout the week, contributing to a grand “skin wall, micro pattern of diversity.” Come dressed in patterned outfits between 6pm – 8pm and get free drinks.

Lethaby Gallery, Central Saint Martins Private View | 31 October | 18:00 – 20:00
The exhibition runs from 1 – 7 November 2014


Featured image courtesy of Central Saint Martins

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