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Artefact speaks exclusively to leading fashion, beauty and health expert, Shea Marie.

Shea grew up in Southern California and now residing in Hollywood has found success in the fashion world.She’s an unstoppable trendsetter whose daily outfits and exploits are documented for her thousands of followers on her website and social networks.

Tell us a little about Shea Marie

Shea Marie X Steve Madden - Peace Love SheaI’m an editor, stylist, designer, photographer, creative consultant, fashion correspondent, TV host and sometimes a model (just to name a few of the titles on my resume, haha) and I’m based in Hollywood, California.

Away from work – I’m a health addict, cat lover (I have a cat named Kat Moss), and boxing enthusiast.

You collaborated with Steve Madden for a shoe capsule collection – Peace Love Shea x Steve Madden – how was it working with him? 

Sometimes dreams come true in your life that you could’ve never imagined possible, and this was definitely one of them. Seeing my name next to an iconic brand who I grew up idolising is an experience I can’t even describe in words. Working with Steve was not only an honour, but a pleasure.

For someone who’s achieved so much in his life, he’s extremely humble and down to earth. When I met him he was wearing jeans, a white tee and an old baseball cap. He told me he didn’t care about fancy cars. I knew it was going to be a great partnership!

How did you find the designing process?

It was my first experience in the design world and so much more goes into it than I ever realised. We started on this collection over a year before it hit stores. Just trying to predict a year in advance what trends are going to be is tricky, but it was such an amazing learning experience and just a blast.

What inspired you when designing the collection?

I really wanted to design something that would represent my personal style and the type of woman I stand for – strong, sexy and independent. For the girl who knows you can make an outfit come to life with just a killer pair of shoes. I asked myself: if I could have any dream shoe in the world what would it look like? And through this collaboration I was able to make them come to life.

Your blog Peace Love Shea reaches over five million people each month – what encouraged you to initially make the blog?

Shea Marie - Peace Love SheaI started my site about five years ago because I was trying to get a new job, and thought it would be a good addition to a resume. A place where I could showcase my style and inspiration – which is something a paper resume couldn’t show.

Have you got any advice for those wanting to start up a successful blog like yours?

Find something that stands out and never give up! I worked on my site everyday for a good two years, before I ever really saw any recognition for it.

You’ve worked with some major fashion labels. Being around fashion all the time must provide you with some major style inspiration?

At this point I’ve worked with almost every major fashion label. Barbara Bui is one of my favourite designers who’s become a friend and someone I work with constantly. Also Dolce & Gabbana, Roberto Cavalli, Gucci, and Guess just to name a few.  I’d say I’m inspired by what real women around the world are wearing, the people I see when I travel. From Paris to Milan to Morocco, street style is captivating.

What should our readers be looking out for this season?

Mainly fringe, bright reds, robe style coats, and shearling!

What favourite items do you have in your wardrobe right now?

A black leather fringe coat from The Perfext and a leopard bag from Chloé.

What are you most excited about that’s coming up in the world of Shea Marie?

I’m working on a line with my best friend Caroline Vreeland, she’s a musician and the great granddaughter of the iconic Diana Vreeland. I can’t say much about it yet, but I can promise you it will be amazing!

Watch Shea’s website trailer below and visit it here:

Photos courtesy of Shea Marie at Peace Love Shea

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