‘Tinder for after-parties’ lands in London

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Let’s face it; we’ve all been in the situation where the party vibes are going strong, you’re having a good time, but the club starts to close. The DJ rounds up the last track and the dreaded lights attempt to drag us back to the early morning reality of getting our shit together for the next day.

However, this is all about to change

KickOn is a new app that helps to keep the good times rolling. The company says on its Facebook page that: “Social media has become a social life inhibitor. People want to spend less time on Facebook and Instagram. Social media needs to evolve to become a social life empowerer.”

It’s being hailed as the Tinder for after-parties. Fanatics of the dating app will be happy to hear that KickOn includes the same addictive finger swiping, along with a rating system in which you can be rated the MVP (Most Valuable Partier) for your university, city or country.

The app lets you find parties near you, lets you apply to attend the party, and the host decides based on your profile whether you get a ‘kicket’ – a digital party ticket – or not.

The app was originally created in order to solve the problem of Sydney party-goers in Australia getting locked out of bars thanks to the new ‘nanny state’ laws. Founder Charlie Stewart now wants to take the app global.

“Responsible adults who like to party are being short-changed and forced to go home at a time when in many other global cities, the party is just getting started,” he said.

Critics warn that the app may lead to an increased risk of gatecrashers. However, Stewart claims the host has complete control over who gets invited.


Photo courtesy of Marc Flores

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