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Afonso Peixoto, 19, Portugal
BA Hair and Make-up, London College of Fashion

© Isabelle Andarakis
Q: Which dead celebrity would you invite for dinner?

A: Edie Sedgwick. I feel like she’s quite fabulous and she’d be so much fun to hang around with.

Maarten Convens, 21, Belgium
BA Womenswear, Central Saint Martins

© Isabelle Andarakis
Q: What would be your ideal outfit to wear forever?

A: Oh my god. I like wearing all white, probably something by Balenciaga.
Sophie Jihyepark, 21, South Korea
BA Fashion Design, Central Saint Martins

© Isabelle Andarakis
Q: If you could live in one place forever where would it be?

A: Seoul, despite being in between New York and London.

V. Pham, 19, England
FdA Graphic Design, London College of Communication

© Isabelle Andarakis
Q: If you could be born in an era, which one would it be and why?

A: 1950s; I loved the style and people laughed a lot more back then. People would laugh on an average of 8-15 minutes a day and now it’s about three minutes a day, and everything was just fun and lively, apart from the women being second-class citizens.



Photography by Isabelle Andarakis


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