This action-packed and fast-paced, but ultimately lacklustre film series represents everything wrong with Hollywood.

For those unfamiliar with the Taken franchise, Liam Neeson plays retired CIA agent Bryan Mills forced to rescue his family.

In Taken his daughter is kidnapped, in Taken 2 his wife is kidnapped and in Taken 3 things take a turn for the worse.

Considering what Mills has gone through, it’s hard not to feel a little sympathetic, but after watching Taken 3 I find myself asking “Really? Not again.”

Taken 3 ticks all the boxes for a blockbuster hit: police car chases, unnecessary explosions and even foreign villains, but Taken 3 lacks any real substance.

The film opens with haunting opera music and shots of the city building suspense.

After receiving an urgent text from ex-wife Lenore (Famke Janssen), Mills makes his way to her house to find her dead.

Out of nowhere two police officers burst through the door, guns in hands, attempting to arrest Bryan.

The rest of the movie is a massive manhunt led by the relentless, determined and slightly annoying Inspector Franck Dotzler played by Forest Whitaker.

The problem with Taken 3 is that we’ve seen it all before. The acting is over the top, particularly from Maggie Grace who plays his daughter, and Neeson’s performance is in his usual deadpan style.

But the negative qualities of Taken 3 are lessened in the cinema, where police chases and the overuse of suspense can be intensified. Taken 3 is perfect for the captivating cinematic environment.

For those wanting a quick thrill Taken 3 may be for you, but for those looking for something original and thought-provoking stay far away.