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K West is a four-star hotel in Shepherd’s Bush, West London, with gym facilities, a bar and a restaurant.

It prides itself on cutting edge designs fashioned by Noel Pierce, of Pierce Design International, and an award-winning spa.

On arrival I was greeted by fur jackets, leather gloves, designer bags, smart suits and shiny shoes everywhere I looked.

The welcome party may have been just a little over the top, but the atmosphere was relaxing, with soothing music flowing through the spa.

It was a little island of calm that contrasted with its location – which boasts scruffy pubs and equally scruffy drunkards – but still within walking distance of the vast Westfield shopping centre.

Spa, K West

Wet Spa at K West

I’d never opened a glass door with such care, making sure not to break anything. Safely inside, I looked around and realised that K West Spa’s decor definitely hits the spot – the perfect location for a day of pampering with friends, or a Valentine’s Day treat with a loved one.

During my time there, I had a pedicure in the nail bar which lasted for 70 minutes – an unforgettable experience. The treatment was impressive – my feet felt brand new – and I was even given a complimentary LCN nail varnish.

As many spa-goers will agree, a treatment in silence is most relaxing, but in this instance there were constant interruptions, and being consistently disturbed as part of K Spa’s version of ‘four star service’ was irritating.

If I had taken a quid for every time I was asked if I was “okay”, I would’ve probably left with the amount I was charged for my treatment – £55. Expensive? No wonder she kept on asking me if I was okay.

Being my first spa experience, K Spa has definitely set the benchmark for future trips.

That said, if there was an award for the most irritating spa staff then they would certainly be in the running.

For opening times & treatment list click here.


Images courtesy of: K West Hotel & Spa 


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