Sensual sorcery: The fine art of Sex Magick

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The term Sex Magick might sound a bit weird and silly at first, but to those who consider themselves to be modern mystics it is believed to be a highly sacred practice.

Despite the term sounding like fairy-tale nonsense – with wands and black cats – the etymology of the word Magick literally translates as ‘the art of influencing events and producing marvels using hidden natural forces’.

Certain natural forces such as energy, particularly of a sexual nature, have the ability to influence, aid and manifest of our desires in the physical world.

Moreover, our sexual organs are, perhaps, the ultimate life-force of creation which combines both the masculine and feminine energies. All humans have the ability to harness and nurture both the masculine and feminine energies, regardless of sex.

Sex Magick is to be practiced with the willingness and consent of both individuals. However it can also be practiced alone by masturbation, or among groups.

Tantric sex is similar to Sex Magick with the focus being on the journey, process and the orgasm; not with the intention of achieving ejaculation. Sexuality and spirituality are two sides of the same coin: the goal is to feel fantastic and to expand the mind.

  • Rose Quartz
    Rose quartz is used to raise self-esteem and a strong sense of self-worth.

I was curious to see what types of aids are used in the practice and spoke to Julia Cooke at The Astrology Shop in Covent Garden. Julia is a practitioner and instructor of Body and Sex Magick and a full-time psychic.

“When performing Sex Magick, people choose to surround themselves with crystals, incense, candles and various other objects which might comfort them,” said Julia.

[pullquote align=”right”]”When you make something manifest you remember how powerful you really are.” – Shannon[/pullquote]”What a lot of people don’t realise is that Sex Magick won’t solve your problems in the bedroom, nor will a crystal. But the energies that are sent out and enhanced with crystals help us process, acknowledge and overcome our setbacks,” Julie emphasised.

I met up with an avid practitioner of magick: 24 year-old dancer and visual artist, Shannon. We met up through the online community, Abracadabra; which is a place where ‘modern mystics’ discuss their practices and experiences with astrology, magick, tarot and the occult.

Shannon’s interest in Sex Magick started while she was researching the role of African Americans in the occult. She is particularly interested in the ideas of one African-American, Paschal Beverly Randolph, who is renowned within the magick community for bringing the practice of Sex Magick to North America.

“I didn’t delve in until much later after I saw a link for a YouTube video,” Shannon told me. “Sex Magick in its entirety doesn’t interest me, some of the rituals I find a bit a perverse and not to my liking. I’m really just interested in using an orgasm for manifestation. For me it’s about the aspect of using energy.”

As with meditation, the benefits of Sex Magick are felt immediately and the release of energy is thought to be a cathartic experience. Shannon has only ever practiced Sex Magick alone.

“I think it has any amazing and transformative benefits for individuals. When you make something manifest you remember how powerful you really are. I think this connection to a source of energy is like none other,” she said.

[pullquote align=”right”]”I’m really just interested in using an orgasm for manifestation. The energetic aspect.”[/pullquote]Her individual practice centres on the use of Chakrubs, which are sex toys that have been formed from crystal.

Shannon’s personal favourite is Black Onyx, a material that is said to ward off negative energy and provide protection. “I think any time you have sex, your energetic field becomes more open to positive frequencies and simultaneously negative frequencies as well. But I feel protected with my black onyx.”

Shannon thinks there are important differences to note between practicing as an individual or with a partner.

“I think anytime like-minded people come together with the intent to perform Sex Magick, the result is powerful. When you throw love and sex in the mix, it seems like a bonding as well as transcendental experience. They can also manifest peculiar states of being. Like the feeling of being whole, being loved. I think this is particularly interesting because often when you truly love yourself you attract that love back to you.”

I think that Sex Magick is simply another form of meditation which can be used in all aspects of life and can be tailored to suit different individuals.

But what is important is the intention behind the practice rather than the actual process. Should you be interested in trying it out, then I suggest you start browsing in the shops which sell crystals and picking out the ones you’re most drawn too; and remember, just be careful what you wish for!


Photography by: Shannei Morrison-Brown 

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