Dakota Johnson causes controversy in ISIS spoof

Dakota Johnson [Flickr: Nigel Horsley]

Actress Dakota Johnson has caused a social stir after appearing in a Saturday Night Live (SNL) sketch mocking recent news of young girls joining ISIS.

The Fifty Shades of Grey star is the latest celebrity to host the long-running comedy show, but has been criticised on social media for her involvement in the sketch.

The spoof of a Toyota car advert presented Johnson as a daughter getting dropped off by her dad to join ISIS.

The sketch was based on a recent TV advert for Toyota Camry cars in which a young girl is dropped off by her father to join the US Army, but in true SNL style, a joke was made of it. However, the timing of the sketch was quite unfortunate, as it aired the same week three British and four Canadian girls  ran away from home to join ISIS.

In the skit, Johnson can be seen getting out the car saying “Dad, it’s just ISIS” before winking and walking off.

While some found the stint amusing, many viewers took to Twitter outraged by the mockery.

But for some, the advert was shrugged off as just another SNL stunt and complimented the show about the show’s choice to air it.

Comedian Taran Killam, who starred alongside Johnson in the sketch as the father, defended their performance:

Featured image – Flickr: Nigel Horsley