The revolution starts here

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Kate Tempest at Electric Brixton

Kate Tempest’s recent show at the Electric Brixton attracted one of her biggest audiences to date, and the air was tense with excitement.

She’s born and bred in south London, so a performance in her hometown is particularly special – partially because her album Everybody Down was recorded just round the corner from the venue.

People love her, and it’s not hard to figure out why. She talks to everyone, telling us stories about people who could be our friends, neighbours or even just the passing strangers of our everyday lives.

Tempest is a powerful, outspoken figure, she uses her gigs as a platform for her social and political messages. She touches on personal issues, and makes us feel connected with them.  Gentrification and the threats to Brixton’s community, the state of the world we’re living in, the need of being much more empathic towards each other.

At the Electric she was angry and couldn’t hide it, fuelling the whole audience and the energy was magnetic. By the time we left the venue, we wanted to change the world.

The revolution starts here. Now. On the stage, in Brixton, and we have to spread it onto the streets.

  • Kate Tempest at Electric Brixton
    Kate Tempest at Electric Brixton

 Featured Image by Sara Furlanetto

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