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Situated on New Bond Street, the Fine Art Society is home to countless beautiful paintings. This modern gallery specialises in 19th and 20th Century British Art design.

Ghosts: how we live in the future explores urban regeneration. 

As I made my way downstairs, I could enjoy the work of six contemporary artists: Macarena Yanez aka. Macay, Juliette Losq, Laura Oldfield Ford, Thomas J Price, Simon Terrill and Stuart Temple. While one artist may savour space and hidden locations, others will highlight decay and ruin in their paintings; the most extraordinary thing is that each artist has their own perspective on the failings of urbanisation and it is evident in the artwork.

My favourite is the record made by the Chilean artist Macarena Yanez, where she establishes the development from a soon-to-be demolished council estate in Hackney to a futuristic luxury building, giving the viewer an idea of interaction between old and new structures.

All the paintings displayed are predictably on sale for a significant amount of money, often reaching £15,000, which connotes the high level of quality and quantity of work gone into it.

The exhibition is timely and topical, especially in a city like London where more and more areas are threatened by potential building projects in areas such as Hackney. The fact that the debate of urban regeneration is carried out at the Fine Art Society which is very involved in contemporary British art gives all the credibility. The artwork doubles as a form of motivation to continue this debate.

The exhibition runs until April 10. Details on the Fine Art Society’s website.

Feature Image by Laura Oldfield Ford, courtesy of The Fine Art Society 

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