A Day in the Life of Muscles and Massage

The small Wiltshire town of Melksham is home to Cross Fit Civitas, a franchise of the American organisation Cross Fit. Cross Fit is an intense form of exercise, focusing on every aspect of your health. It is a program which requires dedication from its members, combining gymnastics and endurance training with “Olympic” lifting. Cross Fit looks hard, really hard, but besides from the support from fellow Cross Fitters, members can count on encouragement from their coaches.

I met Liam, a qualified sports therapist, coach and general Cross Fit lover. The aim of a serious Cross Fitter isn’t necessarily to be as muscly or as fit as you can, but to be good enough to compete. And with this level of determination there are injuries to be had; sprains and pulled muscles mostly, and also repetitive injuries.

I followed Liam for a normal (13 hour) day. His routine consists of on and off training throughout the day for his own Cross Fit program, as well as physiotherapy, massage and nutrition charts for other members. He has a residency at the gym, meaning members can pay for his expertise in nutrition and sports therapy.

He also offers fitness advice, and works in an unofficial capacity as an assistant coach, correcting members’ stances whilst they lift, and other positions and exercises, to increase productivity and prevent injury.

  • Muscles are a much-desired by-product of Cross Fit exercises.