Food | Dip & Flip Burger

Wall decoration - painting of bikini babe bathing in gravy with the caption "life tastes better dipped in gravy"

Wimbledon’s Gravy Babe, spreading the joys of dipping.

While we’re all used to seeing burger chains on the high street, there’s a new franchise in town which is trying something different – a selection of gravy-drenched meats in buns, their flagship on the menu being a Dip & Flip Burger.

This tower-style creation features sliced roast beef or lamb with gravy on top of a burger with squeezy cheese, mustard, ketchup, cabbage and pickles in the now standard brioche bun.

But here, a tub of gravy for dipping is provided.

Though they have craft beers in their marketing material, the list of non-alcoholic drinks, including milkshakes, were much more tempting.

We tried the outlet in Wimbledon, and once the burgers were served on quirky metal trays, the gravy-fest begun. Considering their advertising, they served up a pretty humble amount. Good in terms of room for milkshake, not so good considering the price of the meal.

A generous amount of kitchen towel was also available, but boy were we lucky to not be dressed up on this occasion.

Burgers, chips and tubs of gravy for dipping.

Dip & Flip burgers in reality, including the obligatory gravy tub.

Though a sloppy meal was expected and welcomed, the taste experience was far from spectacular.

When every part of your sandwich is soft and slippery apart from the patty and the bread, it is apt to melt out of your hands when you try to dip it in gravy. You sort of have to throw it into your mouth to avoid ending up licking your burger off the tray.

Once safely inside your mouth, all the flavours and what could have been textures are already mixed up and ready to go.

I would happily have given Flip & Dip a second chance, but until they offer an option of replacing their tasteless cheese for a nice crumbly Stilton, Honest will remain my favourite gourmet burger place.