Apart from having a 16 word album title, The 1975 have mastered a new sound, slightly more pop than the first self-titled album, and almost like being in a time warp. Back to the eighties we go!

The first track of I like it when you Sleep, For you are so Beautiful yet so Unaware of it, again self-titled, is an intro of some sort, although it’s a little over-dramatic and ends abruptly. Unnecessary of course but The 1975 have been known to be on the self-indulgent side of life.

Love me, possibly catered for the fans in their early teens, is full of simple guitar riffs and simple lyrics, making it quite a catchy tune. Though it may be catchy, it is still one of the weaker and more “uncool” tracks on the album.

Synth pop beats are found in nearly every track on the album which suggests that the band aren’t all about the cool vibes anymore. Flouncy pop beats are okay and it’s okay not to be cool. This sounds like a new band altogether!

She’s American showcases their new dated sound the best by having a well structured song that actually resembles much of their first album. This is surprisingly quite a nice touch. This track has a fuller sound than those at the start of the album. Could this be an album of progression?

Another unnecessary track, Please Be Naked. As lovely and soothing as it is, maybe this instrumental is more of a bedroom chilling listen. I’m all for bedroom music but this delicate track just doesn’t fit in with the album, at all!

Somebody Else completely changes the album and the direction it was going. This track is made up of fabulous eighties beats. Imagine slow dancing and disco lights. Somebody Else is undoubtedly a track for the early 1975 fans who favoured tracks such as You.

The 1975 have definitely decided to experiment with different sounds throughout the album and although this can be confusing at times, it’s nice to see a second album that doesn’t completely mirror the first.

This album will take time and effort to get through, rather like the album’s title. It’s a nice listen, however maybe you should save it for a long drive, or maybe a rainy day. 17 tracks that can sometimes go over the five minute mark means that it’s a lengthy listen, but a good listen nonetheless.

Watch Ugh! track from the album below.



Featured image courtesy of Chuff Media.