The blind truth

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We live in a senseless age. We as humans take a lot of things for granted. A roof over our head, our well being and quite simply, clean water.

We live in a society that welcomes obsessions with appearance, a generation where social media cripples human interaction.

Our status is considered more important than our health. A bewildering 20 million plastic surgery procedures were undertaken last year. 

Our sight, hearing and health are three key things we most definitely don’t give a second thought, and most definitely should.

Imagine waking up one day and losing your sight. How would you cope with such a life altering matter?

Losing part or all of your sight can be very frightening. Its something to consider, because its likely to happen to as many as 1 in 30 of us, and awareness needs to be raised.

This challenge is a reality for Nathan Edge.




Find out more about Nathan Edge on Twitter and the Guide Dog Fun Run

Featured Image by Jack Allen.

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