The final debate: Bad Hombre vs Nasty Woman

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The political toddlers, Hillary Clinton and Donald J Trump, took to the University of Nevada, Vegas, to throw another televised tantrum.

At 2am UK time, the rivals both swiftly took to their own podiums for the third and final presidential debate, acknowledging each other only with a hostile nod.

The cut throat opponents held nothing back, Trump implementing tried and tested scare tactics when addressing his pro-life stance on abortions, repeating the words “rip the baby out of the womb” and succumbing to petty name calling, addressing his opponent as a “nasty woman” only moments after claiming, “nobody has more respect for women than I do.”

While Clinton carefully selected her topical jabs, mentioning Trump’s exploitation of undocumented workers when building the Trump tower and his use of Chinese steel. Comments which received a cheer from the silenced crowd.

After roughly five minutes of what appeared to be a civilised, mature debate on the topic of the Supreme Court, Trump began misbehaving again and throwing his toys out of the pram.

When asked about his immigration stance he began spitting racist propaganda, tirelessly supporting his ambitions of building a 2,000 mile long wall on the border of Mexico, followed by the statement “we got some bad Hombres here who need to get out.”

Similarly on the topic of refugees he made a blanket statement that all Syrian refugees were “not likely, [but] definitely” aligned with ISIS. He wants to impose a ban on granting Muslim immigrants refuge in America, claiming that Muslims are a threat to national security, backing his argument with over-sensationalised internet rumours.

The dangerously misinformed Trump made outrageous comments claiming that Clinton created the so-called Islamic State that is now prevalent in 32 countries; that she was responsible for the violence that took place several of his rallies and that the election is rigged, therefore, his opponent should have never been allowed to run.

Donald Trump remained convinced that the election was rigged insisting there has been an abnormal media bias this year, claiming Clinton had involvement in organising the violence at his rallies, and even suggested that she bribed victims to come forward and falsely accuse him of sexual harassment.

It wasn’t all plain sailing for Clinton however, the exposure of her private e-mails appeared to show her use of funding from foreign lobbyists to fund raise her campaign. Although John Podesta, Clinton’s campaign Chairman, suggested that the emails had been altered by the hackers before publishing on the WikiLeaks website.

The hackers, rumoured to be from the highest levels of the Russian Kremlin, were supposedly hired to disclose Clinton’s personal information by Trump’s ‘best friend’ President Putin. A man who in the debate he claimed to have never met.

Trump’s mention of Bill Clinton’s secret meeting with FBI official Loretta Lynch, on her plane in Arizona, received a supportive roar from the audience. Although Clinton is adamant that the chance meeting was purely sociable.

Despite Hilary finding herself on the defensive several times when asked about WikiLeaks and the Clinton foundation, she tactfully deferred the conversation onto topics she was comfortable with. Whereas all throughout the night Trump was becoming progressively out of his depth.

Trump’s deflated ego became all the more apparent every time he interrupted his opponent by shouting “wrong” directly into his microphone or discourteously spoke over commentator Chris Wallace, Fox News Sunday Anchor.

It was apparent who the winner was after Hilary compared the last thirty years for them both. Clinton’s thirty years in congress were used as a weapon against her to say she had done nothing. She flipped it and compared the political (and remarkably unpolitical) backgrounds of the fierce rivals.

The final debate saw Hilary get shot down, but Trump bleed out as he walked home with his pride shoved exactly where it belongs.





Featured image by DonkeyHotey via Flickr CC

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