In conversation with | Nigel Stefani

A photo of Nigel Stefani drawing

by Penelope Sonder and Tanviya Sapru

Nigel Stefani draws personalities. His medium is pencil on paper, and his works are of exceptional intricacy- portraits that he creates through a process he developed to display the inside out on the open: Within this process, he interacts with his subject in a way that enables him to translate their personality into imagery that dovetails with his unique style of portraits. He has created large scale works of magnificent detail and the smaller scale pieces don’t lose any of the impressive, powerful aura. The artist constantly finds new challenges in the process, which becomes evident when studying his oeuvre: Although his signature style is distinctive, none of his portraits are alike. Through his approach and talent he has managed to create genuine and honest portraits that reveal more than just the physical representation of his subject. ARTEFACT visited the artist at his studio in London to get a glimpse into the world of Nigel Stefani.

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